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  1. Technical
    Now then fellow clod of faults enthusiasts. I had an issue with the Sony radio system. The unit would turn on but the only buttons that were functioning were the power and ok buttons. The volume and hands free controls on the steering wheel also ceased to work. So I was stuck with a single radio...
  2. Main Message Centre
    hi guys just bought used c max.. lovely care but radio needs re coding serial number is V003297. Can anyone help? Thanx
  3. Technical
    Hi all I can find my issue on the forum so here I go. I had a batter put in backwards 2 months ago which resulted in the starter motor braking, the autonator breaking and the front engine wire loom fuseing together and melting. After getting this all replaced I find my radio has also stopped...
  4. Main Message Centre
    Cmax 2011 I was on the hands free with the engine off the other day and was shutdown automatically after a period of time. The next day my audio unit would not switch on, so did some trawling on youtube and basically removed the necessary fuse to reset the system Yay!! i got my radio etc...
  5. Technical
    Good morning all! Hope you are all well considering the current worldwide situation. Hoping someone may be able to assist me with tracking down where this fault may be arising from and sorry if it has already been posted before. Currently my 2011 for C-max titanium is constantly showing...
1-5 of 5 Results