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    Anybody know what this noise is? It started last week and only sounds like what I can describe as someone hoovering next door or the hum of an old tv. It seems to be coming from behind the dash and gear stick. I have looked everywhere and haven’t found anyone describing the same noise. Any...
  2. Technical
    Hi guys, I’ve brought a 2015 CMax today, when I drove it home the heating wasn’t working it was just blowing cold air. However it did warm up for around 10 minutes and then went back to being cold. When I got home and switched the engine off, the radiator fan was extremely loud for about 2-3...
  3. Technical
    hello all. My c max has developed this horrible vibration at the rear of the car. It started off as a whine, so i checked bearings and seems fine, thE back tyres were low so had new budgets fitted. The whine stopped the ride felt smoother.....until i get over 55mph and the vibration starts...
1-3 of 3 Results