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  1. Technical
    I own 2014 Ford C-Max Grand Titanium 1.6tdci diesel 7 seat. Purchased in June 2021 and due to covid working from home. Car hardly do 20 miles week. the car came with 6 month warranty. I only do school run less then 2 miles so car was not getting warm to provide heating was understandable. But...
  2. Technical
    Hello! I've an issue with my tow bar (or towbar, tow ball ). I pressed the button long and short to close the bar, but - due to technical reasons - I'we missed to move it under the car during the beep interval. After c.a. 2 minutes is stopped the beeping, and later I could close it. Next time I...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, my name is Tony. I currently have a ford S max 2009 TDCI 2,0 Ltr. I am about to change to a Grand C max. probably 2015- 2016. I'm used to diesel so probably going to go for another diesel. Can anyone suggest anything, in particular, to be aware of please? thanks very much Tony
1-3 of 3 Results