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  1. Faulty driver door electrics

    Hey everyone, long time since posting but I’m after some help please, I have a strange issue going on with the car. It’s a grand c Max 2015 U.K. right hand drive. mall of a sudden, when locking the car through remote the following happened; 1. drivers mirror refused to fold in 2. Drivers...
  2. C Max Electrical Gremlin

    Hi I have an 06 1.8 TDCI C Max. When accelerating the windscreen fans come on at full blast. They go off again when I take my foot off the accelerator. Along with this, the temperature gauge drops when accelerating and rises back to normal when I take my foot off the pedal. I am assuming this...
  3. Air conditioning problem

    Hopefully someone can help me with solving the issue i have with my air conditioning at the moment,as it is really hot outside it can get pretty uncomfortable without any cold air,the problem that i am experiencing is as follows: To start with air conditioning is of the manual type not the...