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engine system fault

  1. 2008 ford c max 1.8 tdci non starter/broke down

    Fault Codes & Fault Diagnosis
    Afternoon all, I have a ford c-max 2008 1.8 tdci 129000 miles on the clock, have had the car 4 years. Broke down last weekend, after not driving the car for 5 weeks, due to lockdown, only done short journeys to the supermarket and this was it's first long drive about 40 miles door to door Was...
  2. Fuel gauge issue following new clutch and fly wheel.

    Hi, I posted about 2 weeks ago regarding my clutch. Anyway cars now had a new clutch and dual mass flywheel, when I picked it up the gauge was at about 1/2 a tank (it had 3/4 when it went it but thought nothing of it). I’ve only driven it 3 times since it came back and this morning it was...