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  1. Technical
    I have a 61 C-max 2l Duratorq with 140k miles from nearly new. Always services. All but last two years did mainly long 100+ motorway jouneys twice a week. Never had any code or engine issues before. Last 2 years I have done short local 10 mile drives plus a 100mile motorway trip once a week. Did...
  2. General
    Hi everyone, I have a problem in my car. Hope if someone can help me with that. In fact the Problem is with these codes: P0487 P0488 P2141 All these codes are linked to EGR valve. So i have replaced it with a new one. Still no joy. Then i have decided to clean the throttle body and again no...
  3. The Good and the Bad..!!
    Hi, I have a 08 reg 1.8 petrol C-Max with an EGR fault code. Could anybody give me some advice on where the EGR is located, I believe it's towards the back of the engine and is interesting to get to? Many thanks
1-3 of 3 Results