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  1. Ford cmax zetec

    Hiya, (None driver here!) Dont understand cars but can anyone please help, my mums battery has died on her ford cmax zetec. It's still on its original battery after 13 years and my dad used to do all things car related and never shows us what to do. However he is no longer around so me and my...
  2. Ford cmax 57 reg Cabin filter location carnt be found, please help tried lots of vids!!

    Fault Codes & Fault Diagnosis
    Please help, I have a cmax 07-10 model I'm trying to change my cabin filter, I've seen vids showing it behind accelerator pedal on the right and to get to it you need to remove pedal!! But it's nowhere there I can see on the left near my brake pedal what looks like a filter grill but its behind...
  3. Strange noise when pulling off

    Hi guys, Hope you can help. I have a '17 plate CMAX and when I'm pulling off, i get an intermittent 'whining' kind of a noise. The Ford app isnt being sent any info and when I took the car for a service, they didnt find anything wrong with the clutch, but it cant be anything else. Has anyon...