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  1. Hi all I have got a 2003 focus cmax with the 2litre tdi engine, I have got a loss of power and cannot go above 2,750 rpm I have checked the vacuum pipes that connect just by the oil filter housing (as the garage knocked them off before, a member called Wolfy correctly diagnosed that one fir me)...
  2. Hi guys I have 1.6 petrol we bought about 6 weeks ago all seemed ok until the weekend. Tried to start car and it was cranking but not starting. It’s happened a couple times since when finally got it started from jump start. Took to my local garage and they recommen going to Ford- they tell me...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi I’m in the process of potentially buying a 2014 (14 plate) titanium 2.0 tdci powershift with 35000 on the clock. Just really after some advice as to buy it not. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about the auto boxes on these , are they really that bad? If so , is there a mileage that they...
  4. Hi, I've recently purchased a 2015 Grand C-Max. It wasn't advertised as having Sat Nav but the Sync touchscreen says "Insert nav. SD Card" in the top right hand corner. Does this mean it has Sat Nav enabled, but no SD Card? And if so, is it as simple as buying one of the many SD Cards I've...
  5. Hello people I'm trying to sort out my girlfriends c-max, its got a dodgy over revving issue when pulling up or slowing down, I think I've narrowed it down to a fuel issue as since I've replaced the blocked fuel filter it isn't as bad but still doing it, my next mission is to drain the fuel...
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